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I recently changed my DNS server to for protection against malware sites, and my Fing stopped responding (Orange lights and "Disconnected" on the App). I am assuming that is flagging the Fing calling back to its servers as a risk. Has anyone else had this problem or can check to see if they get the same results?


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    Unfortunately, I do not have a Fingbox. However, until someone else responds, Quad9, also, offers an "unsecured" DNS service. Try changing your DNS IP Address from to, just to check. If your Fingbox starts working/responding again, then, you know it could be due to a "false positive", or Quad9 believing one of the Fing servers is a "malware site". Hope this helps.
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    I was able to get it working. It looks like my router just did not take the correct DNS even though it showed it was I reset it and put back the and it worked. Thanks for responding.
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