How do I set up a Devolo Magic to have 1 NAT only?

I am trying to set-up so I have a single NAT that is my existing Sky router and not have the additional NAT from Devolo. I have a SKY Q router and 3 mini boxes.



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    Thanks for the post. Any advice @Marc @rooted @kltaylor @Pixelpopper

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    Hi @JasonD72, looking at their web site, when you set it up, did you choose the clone function?  On most systems like this, it adopts the routers settings and should configure itself properly, aka without its own nat etc...  Make sure you do the WPS route via the router that is providing NAT.


    Activating WiFi Clone:
    Activating WiFi Clone by pressing a button: First press the Wi-Fi button with the Wi-Fi icon on the front side of the devolo Magic 1 WiFi 2-1 and then press the WPS button of the Wi-Fi router with the access data you want to apply.
    You can find the product manual, software and additional information on devolo Cockpit online at
    The devolo Home Networking App is devolo's free app also for checking and configuring WiFi, Magic and LAN connections for the devolo Magic adapter (using a smartphone or tablet). The smartphone or tablet connects to the devolo Magic adapter at home over Wi-Fi.
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    Looking through the PDF documentation that Marc linked for us, doesn't show how this appliance can interface with another router/gateway.
    The Devolo device seems to be a router/gateway device with nodes that can be attached to it.  If you want the Devolo to control IP/DHCP assignments, you will want the Sky router to act only as a modem, so that it passes the connection from outside directly into the Devolo.
    Unless you setup more advanced routing with those devices, and many consumer devices won't allow that, then in order to have both router/gateway devices to communicate within one another, you'd need to change the subnet for the devices.
    If the Sky router was setup by the ISP, contact them and ask about placing that device into 'bridged' or 'pass-thru' mode so that it only acts as a modem.
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    @kltaylor , I was focusing on the section in the documentation that started with "Integrating the Wi-Fi adapter into an existing Wi-Fi network"
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    @JasonD72 I’m not familiar with the “Magic” but other Devolo Ethernet over Mains adapters can be configured by two methods, 1. Via the Devolo cockpit app which has limited configuration options & 2. Via the Web interface which has more “advanced” options. You can use Fing (or the Devolo app) to find the IP address the enter that in a web browser to access the configuration screen, I can’t remember if a password is required or if NAT configuration is possible but that’s where you’re likely to find what you’re looking for, a little googling should help with that.
    You will need to make any changes on the master unit (or both/all units if it’s not obvious which is the master).
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