Unhappy with version 9.0

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I just installed the new version 9.0 on Android. I can't be more unhappy. The previous distribution was much more useful.

The main screen shows just the information that interests me least.

Actually, this screen has nothing useful except the information of the people connected and this takes up a lot of space. It can also be accessed from elsewhere. It was better distributed earlier.

Furthermore, I don't need to search for devices connected to the Wi-Fi network if I already have a FingBox connected and it is selected as default. It has no daily utility. The use of the application should be optimized so that the most used functions are more accessible. Not the contrary.

The information of the Internet provider does not seem so important to me to be found on the main screen.

The community icon and the account icon should not be on the main menu. Access to the profile can be perfectly integrated into another menu. The community can be useful for a small part of the users. Most people don't use forums. People who use the forum do so without having that option in the foreground. In any case, an English community is useless for a Spanish user. I think the community shouldn't be on the main menu either.

I think that the main screen should be the network that we have selected by default with the possibility of changing it as it was previously.

Precisely, the upper tabs would be more useful in the lower area as icons. The rest of the options can be included in these five tabs.

In my opinion, Fing's main function is to detect the devices connected to the network. The rest of the options depend on it. As for the display and order of the devices, the previous window was perfect and showed more information on the screen. The display options bar takes up space.

In short, I think the intention is good but the ideal design would be an improvement on the previous one. Including more options in the lower menu. Integrating some of the redesigns of the new version. Taking advantage of the screen space.

My opinion is constructive criticism. I appreciate the work Fing staff does. I like the app and my FingBox so much that I just want the best.


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    Hi @pikatoste

    Thanks for the feedback. We understand that the application underwent some changes to better meet the needs of different users, and we ask for help from our loyal users to get used to the new system.

    All your Fingbox data is available by simply tapping the Fingbox name on the home screen - a tabbed view will open with all your available data.

    A nice addition for users like you who have multiple Fingboxes is the ability to see multiple Fingboxes on the home screen, which you couldn't do before. Use the "All Networks" button to display all the networks you have, including Fingboxes, and swipe to add them to the home screen.

    Here is a video where we go through the characteristics of Fingbox, in:


    I hope you get used to (and appreciate) the changes soon.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    @Robin I don't think I can get used to the changes. I love changes when they are an improvement. In the previous version, multiple networks were perfectly accessible.

    When we open an application on the mobile, the most relevant information always appears on the screen. Why is it more important to know if my partner is at home instead of looking at the devices or network? On a mobile screen, the aim is always to optimize the available space. It is not populated with secondary content.

    It makes no sense to place access to an English community in a preferred location. There are users of other languages ​​who will not use this option and instead want to have faster access to another options.

    In the new version, virtually all content is found on the start icon. I think it's much better to give access to that content from the bottom menu

    Even in the video you've shared, hardly any time is spent on the community and profile icons. This is so because they do not have as much content. Instead they are at the same level as home.

    I hope I have explained myself correctly and that my comments are taken into account...

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