Fingbox behavior on failed upload tests

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I have a Fingbox attached to a Viasat satellite dish modem where the users report that they "almost always" get 0.00 Mbps upload with   The Fingbox 6x/day automatic tests consistently report upload speeds in the still horrible 0.15Mbps to 0.2Mbps range, but never 0.00Mbps.   Previously they used to get between 0.8Mbps to 1.2Mbps upload.

My question is whether the fingbox might be not reporting any 0.00 results because it would be a failed test and retry later, so that the reports I see only show successful tests?


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    Hi @idea2go thanks for asking your question.
    I am assuming at this point, but nonetheless, I'd think that the Fingbox will report what it is being sent from the test API regardless of the speed even if it's at 0.00. 
    Understand that Satellite modem connections are just one step above a phone modem connection, I would limit the number of users who use it simply on the premise that the connection would ultimately be shared among connected devices and users connected concurrently.
    Your reports doesn't raise any 'red flags' for me with the conditions of your connection.
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