Believe it or not: I can't find the fing documentation or User Manual.

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I have a small issue I would like to learn more about and correct, but I can't find a User'sManual.
Is the fing Community my only resource for technical support?  Sure, they are experienced, but it's not their job to help me.  Also, it's 1:44 in the morning right now.  If I had a pdf User Manual, I could run a local search (look Ma, no bandwidth required!) for the error or situation description.
Help me out please and reply to [email protected]

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    I’m kind of with you in that I prefer pdf’s over web based manuals but it seems to be a trend every software / hardware firm has moved to. Let me know if the links help you.

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    What I have here is a failure to accommodate.  The HP 7740 printer is configured to activate Energy Saver mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.  Apparently the NIC (and it's driver) are still active and communicate with the fing software..  But wait, there's more!  If you order now, we'll also completely shut down the printer at 11:00 pm every Monday through Friday night as per the owner's configuration.  And if that's not enough, we'll even turn it back on at 7:00 am every Monday through Friday just as the owner expects it.   So much for monitoring the printer's availability.   I know, I know, do I want to know if the printer is Available, or do I want to save energy.  For now, I'll choose to Save the Energy.  
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