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Hi, I try to do telemedicine from home office so I need a powerful connection.   I installed a WAP 10 feet from my desk and installed fing on my desktop.  When I used the fing internet provider speed test, it reads 27 MB download, 10 up.   But when I do it in a different part of my house, I get 300 MG download and 21 upload.  I suspect it has to do with the WAP near my desk which is a SNAPAV700 and plug into my homenetwork with a cat5 cable.  The blue light is on so it must be working.  
My question.  How do I 
a) use fing to see what WAP my desktop is connected to and test the speed of the connection from my desktop to that nearest WAP and use my iphone to compare it to another WAP.  I can't tell which WAP my dekstop is connected too.
b) how do I "flush" the WAP, other than power cycle, which I did to get it to improve my network speed.



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    Hi @DrAshish thanks for asking your question.
    With the AP being near your office are you connecting to it with the wireless and not Ethernet?
    One of the methods to check how you're connected is definitely through the speedtest, since the WAP will typically only work with Wireless A, B and G bands.  There are some that will use wireless N and AC which is the newest, but I haven't seen many of those.
    What I would do is try to receive the IP address of the WAPs and see if you can use your browser to navigate to it and log in.  On another note, I'd try not to use wireless for daily operations, ensure that your desktop is Ethernet connected and disable the wireless connection in it if it has one.
    The only method that I am aware of for 'flushing' would be to power cycle the device.  You can look up specific information about your AP to see if they have any of the support features that you're asking about.
    All in all, thanks for what you do during this time ... we simply cannot say it enough.
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