some devices twice with two different mac addresses

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In my network I have a router and a wi-fi extender. When I scan the network, fing finds some devices twice with two different mac addresses and two different ip addresses. For example the mobile phone, echo show, wifi printer, chromecast. None of these are connected by cable. Even the wi-fi extender appears to have double mac addresses. Anyone know why?

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    Hi @Teo
    Do you have Fingbox? Can you check if all access points are added to your Fingbox network? Also, I would like you to make sure all devices are connected to your network on which the Fing App is currently connected to. If you are connected to the 5ghz network and Fing is connected to the 2.4ghz network even though they all have the same name, you might not see the devices connected under the Device tab. And, if the router has multiple network interface which provides multiple frequencies(2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), and the devices are able to connect to multiple access points then you will see multiple names but only one will be active at a time and others will be greyed out. 
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    Yes I have fingbox! I don't know as I check the access point. I have 3 access point under control. Fingbox is connected with cable and the router provides multiple frequencies.

    So it's for multifrequency that I see multiple devices

    Thank you

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    When I scan for devices my modem comes up and a router comes up that I don't recognize as mine but is modem and router in one and have two IP

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