Fing discovering device not physically connected to network!

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I have an iMac that is disconnected from my network.  It's not even physically able to turn on as I have dissembled the computer due to a SSD, optical drive adaptor failure, it's in pieces!  But, when I installed Fing desktop app for the first time and scanned the network, my iMac is listed in devices found.  It is listed as "offline" and was last seen at 2:34pm today.  The iMac has been out of commission for about 3 days now, yet it shows up in devices.  All other devices found on the network were found at the correct time, at 2:54pm today, when initiating the scan.  The desktop app is logged into my account that I have been using on my iPhone for years, could this be the reason it's a listed device and offline?  I understand why it would show up in devices, but the "last seen" info is completely incorrect and I don't understand why that would be the case.  If anyone can help me out and explain why this is happening, it would be much appreciated!


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    If the iMac is disconnected and dissembled as you describe, obviously the "last seen" information is not correct. I would verify that you have identified the iMac's entry correctly by comparing the network adapter Mac address to the Fing device listing. Sometimes, it's easy to mix up and mistake one device for another. If you are certain that you have identified the device correctly, then you can be certain that the provided "last seen" information is in error, and I would speak with Fing Support. One more thing to try is to delete the device entry that you believe is your iMac, and then rescan the devices in your network. If the device reappears, that that is not your dissembled iMac after all. Hope some of this is helpful, this is how I would troubleshoot this issue. Good luck.
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