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Hello, I'm trying to understand some information presented in the Digital Fence feature.
Some devices show SSID, BSSID and Channel information for AP that are not on my network. I would like to understand what does this information represent. Is it the device that is WiFi Scanning in order to connect to it's preferred AP and broadcasting the preferred AP information?
Also, I'm curious to understand why some devices have this  WiFi information, while others do not have the SSID, BSSID and Channel information available.
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    Hi @lolozaur thanks for asking your question.
    Your digital fence is almost literally what the name applies.  It will report what wireless devices are 'within the fence line'.  Think of it as a literal fence around your yard, and someone physically walked into your yard through the gate entrance.  It's information presented to allow you to make an informed decision if you should need to react to someone 'trespassing'.
    The information presented by various wireless vendor accommodations, some more than others. 
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    Hello @kltaylor , thanks for taking the time to provide the information.
    I would really like to know if you have any more detailed information on what the values from Digital Fence devices SSID, BSSID and Channel information represent.
    Thanks a lot.
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