Fingbox Router IP4 addresses allocated x8??

FlynniWFlynniW England Member Posts: 17
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Hello tech gurus can anyone tell me why my fingbox has so many IP4 addresses allocated on my router admin page. Is that normal to have 8?? Thank u

screen shot attached :)


  • DavidFDavidF Member Posts: 34
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    Are you blocking any addresses or devices with Fingbox?  Mine behaves and just grabs one address but I do not use it for any active network options (i.e. Schedule Pause, Restricted Devices). 
    I have wondered how that would work - does fing reserve/ARP addresses it is blocking or restricting? If so that may explain what you see here. 

  • FlynniWFlynniW England Member Posts: 17
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    It could and great thinking outside the fingBOX! haha, but I’m not actually blocking or monitoring anything right now it’s simply connected.

    a lot of things don’t make any sense to me with Fing, it doesn’t seem to work properly, or actually when Fing is connected it creates more issues with my network. I could really use someone properly looking at at what I am seeing , then being able to deal with all the odd or unexplained network oddness or my lack of knowledge being helped meaning a sense of security, but sadly that’s not happening.

    i need to find a local IT guru maybe ti help Or someone who can do a screen share and call, lightbulb moment :)

  • RobinRobin Administrator, Fing Team Posts: 4,193
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    Hi @FlynniW
    Are you able to see multiple IP addresses on Fing App as well reserved by Fingbox? If you are blocking or pausing any devices, then you will see the multiple IP addresses on Fingbox. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • FlynniWFlynniW England Member Posts: 17
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    Hi Robin, not blocking anything no. Seems to have resolved itself with a reboot.

    thanks Flynn

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