Frequent disconnections with Android Tablet

I have four devices on my home network. One of them, a Samsung Android Tablet, started disconnecting rapidly a
few weeks ago. In the space of a minute it disconnects and reconnects more than twenty times, so the Samsung Tab A (4 years old, Android Marshmallow) has become unusable for internet surfing. I followed advice on an Android forum without success. Using my own technique of trial and error, I got a couple of 'false dawns' with connection stabilising for an hour or so and on one occasion a couple of days. But now it has reverted to frequent off / on behaviour, so I have to post here with my PC. I have been told it may be hardware failure. If so what, and how might I deal with it? If it is not hardware related what else could it be? All other devices have stable connections via British Telecom.   


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    My Tab A8 4G LTE is running UI 1.1 and Android version 9. Support for Marshmellow (v6) has been discontinued and no further updates are forthcoming. While most applications will continue to work with Marshmellow, the time horizon is limited. Perhaps removing some apps to free memory may help. I keep ~13gb storage of 32gb and ~0.5mb min of 2gb available and use SD Maid to optimize the tablet. So far, so good for even running Netflix under desperation while home alone with COVID-19 shutting civilization down. HTH a bit. Let us know.
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    The issue is now resolved ---- I think, as I have had some false dawns in the past but this time it has lasted longer. I followed the suggestion to remove apps quite ruthlessly, plus any otjher ways to release free storage I know of, which has worked. I am posting here from my Tablet which I could not have done a few days ago, so thanks for the help!
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    Glad my suggestion to remove apps worked. The 8gb tablet can be stuffed pretty quickly without paying attention. I did add a SD card to offload images, photos and PDFs to free base memory. Good luck.
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