Best Australian Business ISP

Please let us know who your preferred Business ISP is in Australia

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  • VioletChepil
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    Anyone in Australia that can help us out? 

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  • keith
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    A bit sad to see no votes.
    I would like to vote but can't, My business had a great run with Telstra for 20+ years, then came nbn and operating from a rural location. Telstra dropped the ball horribly with os support staff, Harbour isp did the same, the os staff were very nice and competent but working in screwed up systems.
    ABB have local support but their advertising is misleading like all rsps.
    Quote from my nbnfx discussion somewhere else in this place.
    "As a long time user, five+ years, frustration is an understatement. 
    I have used three retail providers, Harbour, Telstra, AussieBB, these companies manage part of the network, the connection between the real ISP and the end user.  (a dumb simple view) 
    There are three variables, keeping it simple, rsp, isp and the wireless connection to the user. 
    With fixed wireless each gets blamed in turn, depending on which you talk to. 
    I am tired, nbnfw is a fantastic system, let down by inadequate infrastructure. 
    (wireless communication is an unbelievably magic technology, magic is the only word for it) 
    Peak hours congestion is the main issue, honesty by all involved would help. 
    Speed varies from 25/5 down to 1/1, I know an average connection like mine can do 40/20 because it has. 
    In 2019 NBN Maintenance has been a weekly event, it would be so nice for someone to actually communicate with end user, what are the doing, when will it be fixed? 
    (please do Not mention the weather or the wireless limitations, they are Not part of this issue) "