Digital Fence issue!

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I recently noticed that our FingBox's Digital Fence stopped displaying any of our network's devices, but still picks up devices outside our network. I have performed resets of our FingBox and router, neither of which made a difference. So what might be causing this issue? 


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    Hi @Shooter thanks for asking your question.
    If you've reset the Fingbox to factory defaults and you're still only receiving information on devices outside of the fence, then something is definitely amiss.
    I'm at a loss of suggestions on this, since the whole reason to use a digital fence is to be notified or for IFTTT to perform an action once the device enters the 'yard'.
    @marc @rooted @Ciaran any idea's on this at all?
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    Hi @shooter,
    If your Digital fence is showing devices outside your network then please check if you have enabled the settings of "In my network" for Digital Fence under Digital Fence settings. More information can be found on this article:
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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