Can someone explain what these ports are?

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My wifi is super slow.

Odd it turns off alot with a ! By wifi signal.

My cameras keep turning off or i have to relog in...


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    Hi @JessicaM11 welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    Some of the ports are meant to be open, like port 80 (internet traffic), port 443 (secured internet traffic, HTTPS) etc.  However there are some custom ports happening like for the iRC, or Internet Relay Chat.  This is a port that's being used to transmit text communication in an application that specifically supports iRC chatter.
    With the port 8000 listed there, it's some sort of web-enabled application (meaning you would use your browser to connect to it using port 8000; ex.  This could be anything in your home that provides a connected service, look at your list of connected devices and see if anything is online that could be likely to use that feature.
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