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I attach a couple of screenshots with corrections in the translation.

"Izquierda" in Spanish is like "left side" or "left direction" in English. The current translation is incorrect. Therefore, it is better to use another type of word to differentiate whether the user is at home or away from home.

It is important to note that in Spanish, words change depending on gender. If the person is female, it should be said "Conectada" or "Desconectada". If the person is male, it should be said "Conectado" or "Desconectado". One solution in case this differentiation is not possible is "Conectado/a" y "Desconectado/a". It is not very elegant but it is valid.

"Wue paso hoy" should also be corrected. In any case it should be written "Qué pasó hoy" but it is not a widely used expression in Spanish. Personally I think it is better "Hoy" or "Historial del día".

"Marcador" is not used in Spanish to designate a table with data to compare. The correct word would be "Comparativa".

The "Comparar" menu actually shows more information about the connection. Especially opinions of other users. I would use the word "Opiniones".



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    Thank you, this has been escalated to our product team for consideration in the next round of translation reviews. Thank you so much for your suggestions and effort put in.
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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