Working with Blink cameras in connection with Fingbox

I just wanted to share my experience with my Blink cameras. I've been an early user of the Blink camera system to help protect our home, and I've always been very happy about them. Low-cost, and extremely simple to use. After some time however, I lost the connection with my cams. For some weeks I have been trying whatever possible together with the (extremely helpful) Blink helpdesk, but nothing worked.
One fine morning I had more time available than usual and I dug into the matter again. It turned out, that probably somewhere during an update, the cams had to reconnect to the network, and identified themselves as Ring-Doorbell. Since I don't have one, I blocked it....... so after a long time of playing around I only realized that in fact the cams were not working anymore because they identified in an unusual way, and I blocked them myself....
Finally the solution was simple, allow access for 3 Ring doorbells in my Fingerpick-box and hey presto! Happy again !
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    Thanks for the info @Iwantheterrible - it's always a challenge when vendors start changinging things that we're no aware of that then leads to loss of functionality and confusion!
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    Oh that's a strange one. Did the devices have the same MAC address when they reconnected? @Iwantheterrible

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    Oh that's a strange one. Did the devices have the same MAC address when they reconnected? @Iwantheterrible
    Something, somewhere had to change.  I think that FINGbox would collect hardware information from the device, so I wonder if maybe Blink used some sort of firmware that could be parallel to Ring.
    Violet is right, check the MAC address to ensure the devices are what they should be (which you've already determined) and change the friendly name to help out, too.
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    Amazon bought Blink a while back and Ring more recently, so I imagine the firmware is coming out of the same development team which may be why they are now being identified as Ring devices
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