Fing Desktop vs Mobile App

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I apologize in advance if this isn’t the right place for this question, but I wasn’t sure where posting it made the most sense.

As you guys can’t help but be aware, there are several variances between the Desktop application and the Mobile apps.  I’ve learned what is where, so I’m pretty efficient at pulling up the appropriate app as needed.  But it has made me very curious.  So, I thought perhaps on of the moderators on another member of the community might be able to help answer a few questions.

How does Fing see each of the applications being used?  Why not the same functionality in both places?  Is it done purposefully?  Are there hardware/software reasons that drive the variance?  Or is it the long term intention to have them have all the same functionality as part of the roadmap?

I love the product regardless and have been thrilled with the Desktop addition so far.  Just wishing the device/user control was there, too.