FreeNAS VM misidentified as Apple RackMac?

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I've got FreeNAS running in a VM on ESXi 6.7U2. I just started using Fing Desktop, and it's misidentifying it as a RackMac running MacOS. I assume that this is because it's got a BSD-like fingerprint and is sharing over AFP. Is there any way to have Fing correctly identify it?


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    Hi @H_H
    • Thanks for your post. I would suggest to: 

    • Go to the Fing Desktop 

    • Go to Connectivity tab 

    • Scan for devices 

    • Click on the specific device 

    • Click on Icon "Recognize" device 

    • Use the link from the NAS 

    Please check if Fing is able to identify the correct O.S

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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