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Quick bit of feedback on something I noticed when using the new community site for the first time - if try to sign in using Google instead of a Fing account, I am redirected to instead of the community site, and when I go back to the community site, I'm still not signed in.

Not sure if trying to sign in using Facebook would do the same. Signing in using my Fing account works fine (since here I am).

This is now fixed.


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    Hi @JSchlackman thanks so much for reporting this. I'm helping some other users experiencing this same issue. We're investigating and I'll let you know when there is a fix. Thanks for reporting! 

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    I had the opposite problem.  I could NOT log into the fing community using my fing account, I had to use my google account to get here instead.  I sent feedback via my fing account on this as well.  It was very annoying.  When I tried to join the community using my fing account, it kept asking me why I wanted to join but didn't give a field on the web page to fill that in, only a field for the name I wanted to use.  
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    @JSchlackman thanks for the feedback. Google/Facebook/Apple login are not currently available for the Fing Desktop Beta. However this will be included in the future. I have slightly modified the subject title for searchability reasons. Thanks again.
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