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Today, I had two network connectivity issues identified by the desktop add while I was working and then it recovered. It would be nice to understand why the app thought I had an outage after the recovery. Right now, when I click on the notification, it brings me to the status page, but everything it working. So, it does not do me any good to tell me what fing thought happened.

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    Hi @Marc
    As of now, this is by default on Fing desktop. Sometimes it can happen that the gateway doesn't respond and fing agent is very reactive to notify it. We will work on this to make it less reactive to this. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Hi @seanchiggins , I have been meaning to bring up the same thing.  @Robin or @Ciaran , would you know if this behavior is by default?  It would be good that if the desktop had an issue flagged in notifications we could drill down into it to see what the issue was rather than a generic statement, aka "You are experiencing a number of problems".  Right now, as mentioned, it just goes back to the current status if clicked.

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