Rogue DHCP server detection.....anybody...

Been a long time user of Fing Box, love having it and refer to it all the time. I am a self proclaimed network geek (well maybe professional as well but I digress haha) and I think having a rogue DHCP server detection would be great new feature. It might not be as widely used but I think few that would use it would find it very useful. Also security wise, detecting a new DHCP sever on the network would be very useful (gateway redirection, DNS spoofing, etc).  

Anybody think this would be a useful feature? 
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    Hi @JoeAK
    Thanks for the suggestion. I have made voted for this idea and please make sure to upvote the initial post if other users want to get this implemented as well.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Agreed. I would want to be notified if a new DHCP server appeared. If there is more than one DHCP server then the Fingbox should generate an alert and ask the user which ones are legitimate. You can have multiple so it would make sense to whitelist them.
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    This would be helpful