Using Fing via a switch using Ubiquiti access points

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Hi I have Sky internet the router is plugged into a switch and I have 3 Ubliquiti access points around the house. All works fine and Fing finds my network, however when I want to pause internet on a device it ask me to deactivate IPv6 which I have done on my Sky router configuration, but I am still unable to pause of block internet access, has anyone experienced this and have a solution. 
Thanks for help. Ian 


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    Hi @iansmiffy

    The way the Fingbox works is through ARP poisoning and DNS Spoofing.  So what is happening is that when you block a single device, the computer DHCP address and DNS entries gets changed and pointed to the Fingbox.  So this device is blocked from getting to the internet or internal resources. 
    For more information on ARP poisoning and DNS Spoofing see the following links: 
    Blocking is done by DNS/Blocking Spoofing. 
    The Fingbox/App work to pause things by a process called ARP poisoning/Blocking. 
    Things that need to be done to make sure that it is going to work are as follows: 
    1. Enable UPnP on your router 
    2. Disable IPv6 on your router (This is required to make sure that Internet Pause and Blocking works) 
    3. Best Practice - Reserve the IP address of the Fingbox 
    4. Create the following TCP rules and point them to the IP address of the Fingbox 

    • 80 (Internet Speed Test) 

    • 443 (Fing Service and Software Updates) 

    • 3001, 3002, 3003 (Internet Speed Test) 

    • 4443 (Fing Service) 

    • 5671 (Fing Diagnostics) 

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