iOS 19.0.0 - what???

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I'm from Russia, sorry if I have any mistakes in this post. Just found a new bag.
(iOS 19.0.0 - iPad 7) 


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    Hi @Lisa_Lisolet, welcome to our community and thanks for asking your question.

    As I'm not an Apple/iOS person, is that not a valid verion of the OS?
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    @Lisa_Lisolet; your translation is fine, thanks..   Appreciate pointing out the discrepancy. Curious what version of IOS do you have installed?

    Have you tried the recognize option?  if you click on the row where the iPad is, you will see a box where you can do a more in depth recognition of the iPad.  Click on it and you will get a URL you can put into the iPads browser that may help Fing better recognize what it is.

    Also can you do us a favor and do the following to help in troubleshooting?

    We could use additional information from you to investigate this. If you click on the Fing version in the bottom-left part of the sidebar you would be able to click on the log service button and the folder of your service will open. Could you DM(private message) @Robin the log.log file if it is present in the folder? Also, send the fing-agent.log file ( without any number after 'agent' ) that you can find in the service log folder. You need to compress both files together to attach it or share on the community.

    And, please send the information on what is returning by typing this URL "" on your browser?

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    Recognising didn't help. OS version on iPad is 13.4.1
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    Recognising didn't help. OS version on iPad is 13.4.1
    Can you check with our latest version 1.3.0 which has improved Device recognition? 
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