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I have been having issues with my internet for a year now and stuck in between my IT company and internet supplier Optimum. I bought a fing box and I would like to know if someone can help me pinpoint what is causing the issue on my network. In one moment the internet works fine and in another hour it comes to a slow standstill which makes it impossible to even search a webpage. Please help me figure out how to determine what device is causing an issue on my network and who is to blame so they can fix the problem for me.


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    @Sscaba there are many ways to approach this.  You should first determine if the slowness affects just your computer or is it something in your internet path.  AKA, when the slowness happens does every device experience a slowdown or just one device?  If its multiple devices, you could your turn internet enabled devices off one at a time while its happening to see any particular device is causing the issue

    As for tools, you could use the Fing Desktop(stand alone) or Fing app (w/FingBox) to test speed to your ISP.  You could use the Fing app with your Fingbox to test device bandwidth to see if there is an issue.  There are other tools like Wireshark that can tell you traffic on your network.  
    Regardless and because its intermittent, you will need to keep these tools at the ready so you can run them as soon as it happens. 
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    Have your it company monitor the upload bandwidth a saturated upload will exhibit your symptoms 
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