Shortcut to operate on online devices (as Softperfect network scanner)

Hi to the staff
I'm using all 3 version of FING online, desktop and App for android with my FingBox on my lan.
In the growing desktop version I appreciate notifications received even if not realtime but when I have to check my lan I'm still using the useful utility Softperfect Network Scanner because of this smart features.
1) After scanning lan, Clicking with right mouse button on a discovered device, I can instantaneously do a lot of operation as ping, wol, remote control, etc and ACCESS TO THE DEVICE MENU ADMIN opening the IP device in the browser (Routers, AP, IPcam etc)
2) Small & Portable: no need to install it
3) Moreover discovers DHCP servers on lan, allows 1 time or continuos (interval time definable) lan pinging
Maybe i'm not a smart user of Fing products but i didn't find any of them either on the App that seems to be the more advanced right now.
Hope it helps
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