Help, alert of new device, same IP address as router?

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I am a new user, set it up last night. This morning at 7:00am, light flashed blue and showed new device alert that had same IP address as my gateway router but different MAC address. I have been dealing with neighbor stalker issues that result in having knowledge of my iPhone browser history. I am an easy target, not tech savvy, but trying to change that. Should I be concerned about this event??

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    Hi @Ann, welcome to our community and thanks for asking a question.
    I've noticed that Fing would register and display the actual communication ports on the gateway/router as individual.  Meaning, it's not necessarily a point of concern if you see a total of 'at least' three adapters for your gateway.  Ethernet, Wireless 2.4 and Wireless 5.0 Ghz communication devices.
    If you have an issue with your neighbor, we'd like to encourage you to stay safe and don't hesitate to contact your local authorities about it.  One thing that I would recommend is that you change the passwords in your router and wireless connections, using a robust password that will be a task to 'crack'.  Make it something that's not easily guessed because someone knows a private bit of information about you.  I'd suggest using a service similar to this one, and keep the password information safely stored and hidden in case you ever need it again.
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    Thanks for your response and your advice. I have been working on beefing up my security.

    I think I understand, appreciate it. Fingbox showed the device had been on network for a couple hours but was offline when I checked this morning. So If it happens again I shouldn’t block? Would my router 2.4 & 5.0 show up intermittently like it did?

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