Welcome All - we are now at 12,500+ members :)

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Hi all,

We have surpassed 12,500 Fing Community Members!!

Thank you to each & every one of you who has contributed towards the Fing Community to date.

Join me in giving a MASSIVE WELCOME to all of our new members. We are very excited to have you on board. We have a great group of Community members who are here to help with queries, suggestions, share knowledge & ideas on all things: technology, connected devices, troubleshooting & home networks. 

Also assisting on our Community:

  • Community Admins:       @Robin @Ciaran, don’t hesitate to DM or tag us in posts if needed.
  • Moderators:                      We also have a GREAT group of Moderators, very active and helpful throughout the Community (you will see ‘Moderator’ beside their names when they post)
  • Fing Team:                          you may also see some of the rest of the ‘Fing Team’ posting throughout the Community (e.g. Marketing & Engineering teams). At times they will join the conversation, however, if you require a direct response/action, please contact one of our Admins (@Robin & @Ciaran) – and we can assist further.

See below some useful links to help you get started:

Happy Posting, Sharing, Commenting, Liking & Supporting.

Thanks All,

Fing Team

Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
Getting Started? Please refer to Community guidelines & Community User Guides("Helping Hand"). HAPPY POSTING!!!


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    I am quite pleased, that you arranged this community, where every user can read, learn, ask questions and get help when he needs it and: Type comments!
    I hope, you allow me the comment that I find the following information a bit annoying:
    In my view it degrades this community to a medium-level commmunication service for school-kids who sometimes need ranks and badges to boost their low self-esteem. Don't you underpredict your users a little with this offer?

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