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I reset my Fingbox the other day (17th March) so it has now been running for 2 full days... it seems to be a very chatty device with in excess of 15,000 queries in 2 days... is this to be expected??


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    HI @keithdw

    Can you Please turn off 'Reverse DNS lookup in the Fing App.  

    Here is how to do that: 
    1. Open the Fing App 
    2. Click on the avatar of you in the upper right hand corner under the clock.  This will open Account and Settings. 
    3. Click on 'App Settings' 
    4. Click on on the green enable beside 'Reverse DNS Lookup'.  This will disable this feature. 

    After this, check if the DNS queries are still at maximum.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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