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I was very interested in Fing Desktop because I am a small MSP (Managed Service Provider) that manages my clients network and computer resources.  The Fing Desktop appears to only be for the local network.  It does not appear to have the functionality of switching between and monitoring multiple Fing networks as the mobile app does.

Is this the design goal (for only local network management)?
Are there plans that will allow managing multiple Fing networks like the mobile app does?


Taylor Systems
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  • RobinRobin Administrator Posts: 2,344
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    Thanks for the Idea @TaylorSystems
    I have made this post into an 'Idea' and I will share the idea with our developers for review. Please make sure to upvote the idea if others also want this idea to be implemented. Thanks again.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • Carlo_from_FingCarlo_from_Fing Rome, ItalyFing Team Posts: 247
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    As Robin anticipated, adding more and more features for the IT admin is definitely in our plans, starting from porting the tools of the fing mobile app like ping, traceroute, portscan.
    At the moment Fing Desktop only shows your current network but if you install on several PC's/servers in remote locations and leave it running, you will be able to see all networks from our web UI at
    Fing Desktop is currently not performing a 24/7 discovery like Fingbox, but we will be collecting feedback and feature suggestions to plan our roadmap.

    Carlo from Fing

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