Adding vendor information manually

Several devices on my network don't show any vendor info, like the Playstation 4 etc.
Is there a way to add this manually?.
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  • MacBain
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    I can't edit any vendor info on either the app or on the website. "No Vendor" is greyed out and I'm only able to edit the device name, "enter additional notes" or "where the device is located" sections.
    When you say "please ensure you have all permissions granted", what specifically do you mean?.
  • MacBain
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    And after todays update if found the Playstation 3, but my cablebox and Playstation 3 are still missing vendor name and is also suddely listed as blocked. (I only have the fing app not fingbox).
  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Hi @MacBain
    Thanks for the suggestion for editing the vendor name. I have made this post as an Idea and please make sure to upvote the initial post if other users want to get this implemented as well.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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