Device list - Recognize button leads to incorrect IP address

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I scanned my local network and clicked on one of the devices. It is displayed with correct details.
However, when I click on the "Recognize" button, the next display indicates the IP address of my OWN computer - not the device in question.
The "ColorCertPC" above is indicated with IP address x.x.x.45, but the Recognize display shows IP address x.x.x.100 - which is the local computer Fing is running on:

This same local IP is shown with every device, when "Recognize" is selected. Is there a bug in the Recognize function?
Fing 1.0.0 on MacBook Pro 16" (2019 model). macOS Catalina (10.15.3)

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    Hi @Toweri...  Its a little confusing but let me try to explain.  

    The feature is set up so that the URL your highlighting above is put onto the device you want recognized.  AKA you copy that URL into a browser on the device you want more info on.  

    And now you have hit the shortcoming of it.  The device has to have a web browser you can paste the URL into.  Like a phone, smart TV, tablet etc...  It would NOT work on an IOT or router for instance where there is no browser.
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    Hi @Marc
    Thank you for this clarification. This way it is quite logical. Perhaps a tool tip text (or instructions on the page where the URL is) indicating the intended usage this way would make it more obvious to others too... :smile:
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