Device connection history missing or full device connection history not showing?

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I've recently (a month or two ago) had problems with a certain device intermittently disconnecting and then reconnecting, so I used Fing (and my Fingbox) to troubleshoot it by modifying how often Fing/Fingbox monitors it (I changed it to be less than 60 seconds, so every time it went offline I'd know).

The device is working fine now, but I noticed in Fing that it doesn't even show much connection history for the device even though I know FOR SURE it has an extensive history of disconnecting and reconnecting, and that it even showed this information about a month or so ago. It literally seems like the history for this particular device, at least, is either missing or is just not present there except for a few sporadic entries. Weirdly, the entries go back years (to 2018), but is missing connection information from the past month.

Is Fing just not storing it all server-side?

Was some of that information stored on my old phone, and that's why it's not present on my new phone?

I have no idea why this is happening, but figured I'd ask and wanted to report the problem (what is the best way to report a bug, anyhow?). I really like Fing/Fingbox and how it gives me information about my network and devices, so I'd hate to see it not including or recording certain things, if that's the case.

Update: It seems to only show really old events:


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    @Netside, when it was at the height of its connect and disconnect period, did you also have the timeout setting set for under 60 seconds ?  if not I'm wondering of that's why you only see what you see.  
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