How to mute notifications for 1 of 2 Fingboxes

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I installed 2 FingBoxes. One Fingbox is at my office, the other is at a former client's office. I want to not get push notifications about the former client's network - but I do not want to reset their fingbox - it is already configured perfectly. I am ok with re-configuring the fingbox in MY office if necessary. Both FingBoxes are under my account. It is possible but unlikely that I will work for that client again, and we are on good terms. But I do not want to reconfigure their fingbox.
If possible, I would like to just mute the notifications from their fingbox. That would be fine. Or remove their fingbox from my account, moving it to another account? Or maybe it is more reasonable to leave my fing account associated with their fingbox (so their fingbox will not need to be reconfigured) and make a new fing account for myself & my fingbox?
What are my options & procedures? 

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    Just a follow up. I later realized that the easiest way to resolve this issue was to just turn OFF Notifications "when state changes" for each device on the client's network. I did that in my iOS Fing app and I did not need to be onsite at the client location. Should have thought of this earlier. Anyway, this solution is fine. I can still monitor the clients network at a moment's notice if necessary, while not being bothered by alerts from their machines.


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    @Ciaran @Robin Could you oblige this member and remove the fingbox from their account?
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    Hi @DaveMacMedix, Can you send @Robin & I (via Direct message) the MAC addresses of the units you are referring to and the email addresses associated with each (along with you preferences on notifications) and we will do our utmost to assist. (thanks @rooted for flagging, great stuff
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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    Hi, yes I can do that next week. Thanks so much!
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