Cannot CAST from phone connected to TV

My Android 9 phone will not cast the screen etc to my smart TV (which has Chromecast). They do  connect as I can cast from some apps, eg. Google Photos but not screen.When I click Cast in the Shade it reports only one device, my PC, wheras I have several on the same network including: Android 9 phone, PC. smart TV, Android. Tablet. These are all shown in FING, which is what I installed FING for


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    All phones and Chromecast devices don't allow casting the screen.

    What is your phone and your Chromecast TV models?

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    Phone is Xiamoi MiNote 7, Android 9
    TV is Digihome 32273SFVPT2HD-BK
    I am curious about why Fing correctly identifies 6 devices (including the ISP Hub) yet on both the phone and the PC only 1, the PC plus Chromecast,  is recognised. I will check again and send an amendment if necessary.
    Also, I have an HDMI cable from W10 Tablet PC to the TV but have not been able to get it to work. I have tried both spare HDMI sockets on the TV and selected them but there is no response either way. If I could get it working I would probably only want to find how to mirror the phone's screen ----- I dont want to be connecting a phone with an HDMI cable even if it is possible!
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    After browsing YouTube it seems all I need to do is get an AnyCast dongle 
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