Devices not blocked unless turn off firewall

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Hi everyone,
Firstly thanks for all your help - much appreciated.
I have tried blocking a computer on the network. It shows as blocked on the app but the internet connection is not blocked and my son can still use the computer & carry on gaming. I have Panda Dome anti-virus & firewall; if I turn off the firewall, the internet connection is blocked. Obviously though I'd rather keep the firewall on and still have the device blocked. No issues blocking devices where Panda not installed.
All thoughts grateful received


  • rootedrooted Gulf Coast, USModerator Posts: 812
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    Could you verify ipv6 is disabled on your network?

  • Paul_93CrundalePaul_93Crundale Member Posts: 2
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    Using windows 7. There is a tick in the box to the left of IPv6 under adapter settings. Should I untick this?
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    Hi @Paul_93Crundale

    There are 3 reasons that prevent the block from working.

    • IPv6 – this is a method of communication that some devices use when IPv4 is blocked. Unfortunately, Fingbox cannot block IPv6 communications. If you feel comfortable, and if your router allows it, you can disable IPv6 within your router settings. All devices communicate on IPv4 so it should not impact the average user’s network performance.
    • Incompatible Router – Fingbox pauses Internet using a technique called ARP spoofing. Some routers contain software designed to block ARP spoofing, so prevent Fingbox performing this feature. 
    • Firewalls – Fingbox generally plays very well with firewalls, but like with the routers, there may be some software in the firewall that clashes with the Fingbox software. 
    In these scenarios, the Block/Pause might not work but other features will work efficiently.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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