Fingbox offline and flashing orange

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My finbox went offline and i can not see in router logs nor can i ping it.  Steps i have taken
1. rebooted
2. checked router and all ports for the box are allowed
3. changed network cable
4. change power supply
5. did a hard reset
6. did a second reset
7. change network cable again
device is still flashing orange and indicates offline


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    What I think is happening is an IP address conflict, it's happened to me twice now.

    Try going into your router settings and setting a static IP address for Fingbox, if you don't have that option best thing to do is unplug Fingbox for 24 hours to let the DHCP address expire, reboot the router and let it come back up before plugging the Fingbox back in.

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    Hi @Webapprentice

    Have you tried to perform a power cycle and see if the Fingbox comes online or not? I would like you to follow these steps: 

    1) Turn off the router/extenders and Fingbox 

    2) Wait for a minute or two. 

    3) Make the connection of Fingbox with the router directly if not done already. If you are using an extender/switch, then make the connection with it. 

    4) Only Turn on the router and then wait for another minute or Two. 

    5) Turn on the other network device like Switch/Extenders and then wait for a minute or two. 

    6) Turn on the Fingbox and then re-install the Fing App after clearing up the cache as well. 

    7) Sign in with the Fing App 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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