Help my phone has 2 IP

Hi I'm going crazy my phone was hacked into about 8 mon.. Ago and they are still messing with me

They are spying on me with my phone. Its someone that was going out with. I just want my life and price of mind back. I see now my phone has 2 IP and this is the only phone I have can't get a new phone right now don't have the money so do I do to stop this

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    Strange that @singlemommy has 4 identical posts here but profile only says 2 posts, perhaps she wasn't spamming but there is something wrong with the forums?   or?  But you can factory reset your phone, goto settings and wash that man (or whomever) right out of your hair.   Setup 2factor authorization so passwords can't be used by themselves and when you have $100 get a phone with fingerprinting and try to avoid passwords entirely.   Just be sure you secure your 2factor stuff because you might decide you want to change your phone number for the 15th time this year to protect yourself and ultimately lock yourself out... which may be good too.
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    @SingleMommy , @tymes has some good advice in the response. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. if you happy with his answer, please feel free to click on yes so others could also benefit.

    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    My phone is like many others, and we normally have two IPs. One for the WiFi connection and one for the mobile data connection. Sometimes only one exists, sometimes none- when I'm driving through a cell tower dead zone. Is this what you are seeing?
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    I have found that a good password manager accompanied by a physical 2 factor authentication device provides reasonable security without being too difficult or cumbersome to use.  A password manager makes sure that you can give each site you visit a unique and strong password, that you do not necessarily have to remember.  All you need to remember is the main password for the password manager to access all the others (of course, this password should be strong).  Additionally I prefer to use a physical 2FA device.  Having the site you are accessing text you a security code on your phone is not exactly the strongest 2FA method, especially if your phone is part of the breach, like you suspect.  I use a Yubikey, as my second factor.  It is a small physical device that I can either tap on my phone (it utilizes NFC) or plug into a usb port, if I am on a PC.  The strong passwords in conjunction with a physical 2FA creates a fairly solid defense against most threats. 
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    @Ciaran Could you delete the duplicate posts please? Thank you.

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