ASUS Mesh - Pros and Cons and Integration

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ASUS has an innovative (and relatively new way) to use its routers in a mesh combination with multiple routers (nodes) able to "illuminate" WiFi deadspots and provide remote Ethernet conectivity too. A number of people here have used it and, very likely, others would consider doing so. I'm on the verge of doing so anyway! So, it would be helpful for experts (they know who they are!) to contribute their experiences and others to ask questions that would help them decide one way or another.

An important aspect, if ASUS Mesh becomes significant to users here, is to understand how a Fingbox would best be integrated and whether there are new features that could be considered for a future Fingbox firmware update and / or App update to help support such a system.
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    Well I don't have an Asus mesh, but I do have Ubiquity mesh and the new (version 2) edition of the Fingbox provides intrusion detection on both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands, something the original (version 1) device can't do as it doesn't have the 5ghz antennas.

    I'm not really sure that any "mesh" features could be added as mesh is just a type of wifi. 
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    I use ASUS Mesh at home and at another business location.
    At home in our three-tiered building, the host router is located in the bottom floor area.  We use the mesh network to facilitate a wireless and ethernet connection to the top level where the bedrooms are. 
    One thing that I like about how ASUS designs their mesh configuration is that you can configure what would receive 'priority'; wireless vs. ethernet.
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