How to use the Fingbox in a only LAN Network?

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I want to scan and get an overview of a LAN Network. There is no Wifi Router in the Network.

The plan is to boot up the Fingbox, connect it with the Network and get the data send to an smartphone via Wifi.

So the Fingbox could be an Acces point to the Network and open up and connect via Smartphone.

Is there an possible way to setup the fingbox to do this job or should I use the open code to build this in a very basic way?

I would like to use the Fingbox to support the company and not only use the free code.

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Max Pfannkuch


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    Fingbox gathers information, and sends it all to the Fing Mothership.  That requires an Internet connection, or it's basically useless.  Fingbox doesn't have wi-fi, unless there's new model I don't know about.  It does all its information gathering via a wire.

    After that, you lost me.
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    Hi @Maxpfa
    Thanks for your post. As of now, the feature that you are requesting has not yet been implemented. For more information you can check our help articles:
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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