Duplicate networks- how can I fix this?

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OK, somewhere back in the dawn of time, I found Fing, and began using it for my home network. I loved the discovery, and used it with my gmail account ID. Eventually, I bought one of those F'ing boxes, and I used a different email for it. Now I am getting notifications every day for a rogue WiFi WAP (that I really know about and it's OK), but it shows up only on my gmail account. Even when I log in to that account, I am unable to tell it "bugger-off, I know that is a good WiFi". In an ideal world, I would be able to tell Fing that this network is no longer viable, stop wasting resources on this. Alas, it will not happen. I could simply force all fing mails to my gmail account into the spam-bin, but that doesn't really fix it does it?

Can I fix the underlying issue in a simple way?
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    Hi @RainCaster
    Thanks for your post. I believe you are not connected to your Fingbox network and the duplicate networks is due to merging of networks from two accounts: one with Fingbox and another without Fingbox. If you are unsure about the accounts and want to delete any account and want to keep only one Fingbox network, you can send me a DM with a Fingbox MAC address and two Fing Account and which one you want to keep.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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