How to identify device using MAC address only.

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I own an Apple Macbook Pro, iPhone X, iPad and about 50 IoT devices,  

Wi-Fi Security Alert

New or Rogue Access Point detected: 88:3D:24:B9:55:52 on Wi-Fi ORBI43

An unknown Wi-Fi access point is transmitting using your Wi-Fi name (SSID).

If it’s your new Access Point, or you just installed Fingbox, please acknowledge this in the mobile app by tapping on this alert from the Network tab.

In other cases, it’s a malicious wireless access point that has been installed near your network without explicit authorization, with the intent of letting your devices connect and trying to steal your data.
Today 8:28 AM
MANAGE ALERT                             

Click to manage this alert or change your alert settings on the Fing app.

Learn more about managing Wi-Fi intrusion in our Knowledge Base



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