Identifying device from MAC address only.

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I own a Fingbox, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, and over 50 IoT devices,  The message I see is:

Wi-Fi Security Alert

New or Rogue Access Point detected: 88:3D:24:B9:55:52 on Wi-Fi ORBI43

An unknown Wi-Fi access point is transmitting using your Wi-Fi name (SSID).

If it’s your new Access Point, or you just installed Fingbox, please acknowledge this in the mobile app by tapping on this alert from the Network tab.

In other cases, it’s a malicious wireless access point that has been installed near your network without explicit authorization, with the intent of letting your devices connect and trying to steal your data.
Today 8:28 AM
MANAGE ALERT                             

Click to manage this alert or change your alert settings on the Fing app.

Learn more about managing Wi-Fi intrusion in our Knowledge Base



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    I noticed this other question you posted, at the beginning of the month:

    Do you still own the Google WiFi router? If so, it may have more than one MAC address. My Linksys router has 4 - one for the WAN port ("public" facing side, where you get your IP address from your ISP), one for the LAN side ("private" network side), one for the 2.4 GHz wifi, and the final one for the 5 GHz wifi.

    What the alert is telling you, is that the Fingbox noticed something (like another Access Point) broadcasting the same SSID you are using. It could either be one you set up, and are using the same SSID name (new), or it could be someone else (rogue).

    It doesn't mean someone else's Google device is accessing your network. It is letting you know another wifi router/AP/Hotspot is broadcasting the same wifi network name (SSID) as you are. If you set it up, that is fine. If someone else did, it could be an issue.



  • ScoobyScooby Member Posts: 167
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    Using this site:
    And entering the first 6 "digits" of the MAC address you listed, give this:
    According to the site, the vendor is "Google, Inc.". Any Google devices?

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    Thank you, Scooby.  What a great tool  Now I know that it is a Google device that is accessing my network.  I used the Fing Device report to identify the MAC address for each of my Google devices.  Unfortunately, no matches.  So does that mean it is someone else's Google device that is accessing my wireless network?  Where do I go from here?
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    Hi @melburstein
    Have you looked at this article and see if it helped? Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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