Wifi channel interference?

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how do I tell what channels my neighbors are broadcasting on, and if they are interfering with my wifi?
I have the ios version of FING


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    Hi @Sullyman, welcome to the community and thanks for the question.

    Neighbors battling over WiFi signal is a common occurrence in just about every neighborhood.  What I would do is download a WiFi scanner app on my Android that specifically shows channel information.  While there are recommended channels to use, try to find a channel that won't interfere with anyone else.  You can also set your channel selection in your router to "Auto" and let the device manager it for you.
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    Yes, I have looked with envy at the Android app, but is there a way to do a similar scan if I have an iPhone? I’ve been looking but have not found a solution. The iPhone version of Fing doesn’t seem to have the same features

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