Can an unknown device with no open ports be a telescope?

I have a severe problem being hacked/stalked for the past 7 months. ATT, Amazon, Apple, anyone wont really help me. They are in every single social media site, amazon. They've tortured. me. Now I believe I know who it is. I live in the deep south. The one time I tried to go to the cops to help a lost dog find their home, the guy started talking about shooting dogs that were lost. I can't walk up there saying my laptop is being hacked, or all my devices, and the 7 that died as a result of viruses or malware. I just noticed a new device, unknown889e335900f2. We jut bought my husbands daughter a telescope for christmas. There is not a phone attached, but it has the capability. I don't want the cop to come over here, worry the children who just have now formed a relationhip with their father again, and treat me like I'm insane for calling them about a hacking. Im also scared its his 12 yr old daughter. I can't do that to them. RIght now I think theirs 5 poorts open on my ATT uverse. And in my husbands writing was the word Mookie, and website history of He said hackers did, and the writing was a trivia answer for Mookie bets. I think hes a programmer, yet pretends like he cannot even sign into google. Either can I, infact this is his account, but I can't rish the time it takes to figure out which one our accounts this is on. He pretends like he can't type, yet the person doing this can cast my activities to a close by computer. They have been brwsing hidden spy cameras, microphones, recoding devices, than when I call Amazon they delete the history like we have never even been on our accounts. They have taken back my real estate dell and toshiba, and deleted every file and screenshot I have of the hacking.  I never knew what that was until I found screenshots of my fathers real estate companies passwords. The person doing this would be like an exceptionally good programmer.  I don't know what to do. Please help. I'm alone with only 2 family members 2000 miles away from me. No money. I'm trapped here with a potentially dangeroud husband. Or possibly a very angry step daughter. 


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    Hi @BluePhoenix, welcome to our community.

    It sounds by the tone of your question that life has been a bit nerve-racking for you.  The one thing that I don't understand is a telescope that has cellular capabilities?  Not sure I've ever seen or heard of that before, or why that would be an issue.

    When it comes to your network, however, the very first thing that I would do is start changing passwords.  Once you've accomplished that, only provide those passwords to those that absolutely need to have them.

    If you feel that you are still being stalked, then please contact your local authorities and ask them to investigate it.
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    I'm not sure you would notice or not notice a Celestron $2500 telescope with battery power and hydraulics and mechanics because it would be several buildings away and not in range of your wifi or other wifi around you if it was try to focus and spy on you (it's optics and technical stuff)...  so a telescope wouldn't be all that close, but would be far far away because that is what they would be used for.   Seems a bit of a waste and circular thinking.  I don't think you need worry about telescopes, and I don't think we should be humoring you.   You should turn off your laptop and all your devices for large portions of the day and night ... if they're off and disabled they can't spy on you.  I would try not to use your laptop for a week or two.

    Actually I have a better idea... you can get a signal jammer that will disrupt WIFI and cellular communications for as little as $100... then this guy who you've figured out was spying on you and this guy who turns out is your husband will be unable to get close.
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    Looking at the "new" device "unknown889e335900f2" those numbers look exactly like a MAC (media access control) address. Looking up the first, 6 numbers, 889e33, at this website, shows the vendor to be "TCT mobile ltd":
    A search of TCT gives this web page:
    Alcatel, Blackberry, and TCL appear to be part of TCT. TCL has its page here:
    Is it possible you have any of these devices in your home?
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