Security Alerts when Opening the Fing app

This is a bit odd but when I opened the Fing App this morning these three alerts were triggered. Possibly a coincidence but thought I would check



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    Hi @RichC.

    Are there more people in your household other than yourself?  This could be an issue where someone had attempted to navigate to those domains and was blocked because of a bad reputation.

    As an example, I use Sophos Professional for my AVS/Malware protection at home, and if there is a site that someone attempts to navigate to that has a bad reputation, Sophos will block access to that site and log it for an administrator to review and determine if its a false-positive and should be whitelisted.
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    Hi, actually I was at work demoing Fing to one of my colleagues. I just opened the Fing App and these three alerts were generated by Lookout. Was on 4G at the time so could be a glitch in Lookout. Seemed a coincidence though

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