fingbox issues arp.src.proto_ipv4 too frequently

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Typical Wireshark  with filter arp.src.proto_ipv4 == shows queries at
16:11:47.90, 16:11:58.13, 16:12:47:90, 16:12:58.03
Why is this so frequent?
This verges on flooding!


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    As far as I know it's not something you can adjust. It's not something most would likely want to change since it would make Fingbox less responsive.

    @Carlo_from_Fing @Ciaran may know more about it, or perhaps turn it into a feature request.

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  • Carlo_from_Fing
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    There is an option to slow down frequency of ARP / discovery from fingbox: enable slow discovery mode from fingbox settings, from mobile app.

    Carlo from Fing

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