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EDIT: maybe it is unclear of what the use case is... I have devices such as raspberry pi and esp8266 connected to mobile hotspot and usb ethernet, and I use the ip scanning tools to get the IP address of those devices. If I am connected to wifi network it works with Fing, but if the phone hosts the wifi network it does not work

When I am running a mobile hotspot (android), I would also like to know who is connected to my wifi network, but the app says that I am not connected to a wifi network, which is true but isn’t mobile hotspot a wifi network?

I’m sure it can be done, because there are other network /ip/wifi scanner apps that do that

Why not?

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    Hi @loading_icon , I think part of the issue your facing as the Fing app is set up today is that while your phone is hosting a network as a hot spot, it is connected to a different network for connectivity to the internet.  I'm guessing Fing see's that network and not the one you have created as a hot spot.  The only way I can see you being able to view the hotspot network is to have yet another Android device connect to your hotspot and run the fing app from that device.  

    There is a feature request section in the forums at where you can post this request to the Fing Team for consideration.  @Ciaran , can this be moved to that section or does @loading_icon need to create this there?
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    Hi @loading_icon
    Thank you for your suggestion. I have converted this post into an Idea and I will include this feedback for our developers. Thanks again
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