What data regarding my LAN activity is held by Fing servers?

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What data regarding the network activity on my LAN is held at Fing (and perhaps partner) servers?


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    We'll be responding ASAP. In meantime, moving this over to the Fing category.

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    Most of the data collected in the app is essential for the core operation of the app and the business and where it is not we allow our users to choose not to share that data. We collect device and network details in order to present these to users in the app. We only collect details that the devices connected to the network you scan openly share with the network. With full device recognition enabled, these details are transmitted to our servers, processed and stored in a de-identified manner (that is, if someone were to get hold of the data they could not be attributed to an individual) where they are used to train our device recognition algorithm so that we can show the user recognisable devices on their networks, not codes. This accuracy of recognition is what we’re best known for and why people choose to use our app. 

    Data considered non-essential is collected, de-identified, processed and shared under strict adherence to privacy regulations such as the EU’s GDPR, for commercial purposes like many businesses. Allowing us to use this data in this way allows us to sustain our business while continuing to offer the app for free as well as adding to and improving it. For more information about our privacy policy and practices, please visit https://app.fing.com/privacy 

    In future, we're hoping to release more fine grained control about what is shared by the app

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    Thanks for the details!