How best to navigate the Fing Community forum?

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When I visit the forum, I would like to be able to quickly identify new discussions started since my last visit.  I don’t see an easy way to do this.  I don’t even see a posting date in the list of discussions.  How are the discussions listed, latest additions first?
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    I'm trying to get to grips with this too.
    The "Unanswered" link in the top left lead me here for instance. Otherwise I'm sort of bumbling through looking at anything that may be of interest.
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    Hi both.
    Yes my main goal right now is to have members post questions as questions - that need an answer so they go into the "Unanswered" here: 
    If you see anything that seems like a Question (i.e. has a concrete answer) feel free to flag to the member too by letting them know on the thread. 
    Also you can participate in "Recent Discussions" here: 
    This is a bit confusing since they are filtered by those most recently updated rather than the date. I'm checking if there is any alternative. 
    I am checking in on platform settings to see if there is a better way to organize this information too. 
    I'll revert shortly on this. 

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    @AustinJerry and @customcave OK so I've tried to make some improvements here. 
    Recent Discussions: Displays recent Device/security/connectivity/General chats: 
    All discussions have a new table format: 
    Then we've got Fing App/Fingbox chats and I guess you can visit the respective categories for those. I've also separated out the feature requests into sub-categories and I'm planning to add a "Tips & tricks" sub-category to each Fing App/Fingbox etc. 
    What do you think of this layout? Any feedback?
    I am working with platform constraints but trying to come up with the best format to get people answers and bring visibility to interesting discussions. 
    Any thought on this would be great! 

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