Can we and Fing learn something from this offering?

Lenovo I troduced a smart home security service.

What do we find valuable and should be supported by fing?


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    Hi @JWJ and welcome to the community.

    I'm confused as to what you're asking.  Are you suggesting that Fing/Domotz supply a service similar to what Lenovo has?

    In a sense they already are, one for home or smaller communities (Fing), and one for professional environments (Domotz).  Both applications/devices allow you to monitor everything on your network so that you can be aware of what/who is connected and make a sound decision on what you want to do about it.  Fingbox is a one-time purchase, and Domotz has a reasonable monthly subscription (three tiers, I think).

    What exactly would you like to suggest that they provide as a service, that Fingbox, Fing app, and Domotz aren't?
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    This is the type of discussion is was expecting.

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    Thanks for linking to the story @JWJ ...  @kltaylor , they are cobranding a product from a security company called Coronet...  Really interesting offering ...  here is a snippet from their site and the business version of their offering...

    Using Office 365, G-Suite, Dropbox or other cloud applications?
    We monitor your cloud applications for data leaks, cyber-threats 
    and regulatory violations that put your business at risk.
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    Not enough information about capabilities based on that article.

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